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by Kottakkal Support October 12, 2019

Arishtas and Asavas

Arishtas and Asavas are medicinal herbs processed by fermentation. In general, Arishtas are dried herbs decocted in boiling water and Asavas are fresh herbs decocted in lukewarm or cold water, both are fermented with either jaggery, sugar or honey. The fermentation generates 5 – 10% alcohol which acts as a medium extracting the deeper quality of the herbs. They are very therapeutic and have been safely utilized by Ayurveda for as many as 5000 years.    

There are many benefits to taking Arishtas and Asavas:

  • Flavor is quite pleasant, compares to Chyavanaprasam
  • Enhances digestive power of agni
  • Eliminates accumulated ama
  • Increases the absorption of nutrients

    Arishtas and Asavas have an extended shelf life

    Due to the fermentation process, Arishtas and Asavas have a long shelf life of up to ten years. As long as they are unopened, the seal is intact and stored at cool temperatures, they are considered better as they age. They are easy to carry and will not spoil during transport.


    Popular Arishtas and Asavas  

    Aragwadha Arishtam - skin disorders, eczema, psoriasis, blood purifier  

    Aravinda Asavam – supports weakness, malnourishment in children

    Ashwagandha Arishtam – sexual disorders, depression, weak muscles

    Ayaskriti Arishtam – supports anemia, skin disorders, weight loss          

    Kumarya Asavam - menopause, heavy menses, anemia, liver disorders

    Loha Asavam – contains iron, supports anemia, liver, spleen disorders

    Parthady Arishtam – supports heart function, respiratory, diabetes

    Pippalya Asavam – Irritable bowel, malabsorption, builds strength

    Sudarsana Asavam - fever, disorders of liver and spleen.

    Vasakadya Arishtam - asthma, bronchitis, cough, cold


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    Kottakkal Support
    Kottakkal Support


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