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Ghritams the Ultimate Ayurvedic Nourishment

by Kottakkal Support February 10, 2022

Benefits of Ghritams 

Ghritam, also known as ghee, is the best choice for internal oleation due to its qualities of oiliness which nourishes and moistens our bodies.   

Ghee has a unique ability to carry the qualities of the herbs into our bodies without losing its own important qualities, which are cooling, unctuous, penetrating and soothing.

When ghee is processed with nourishing herbs, it supports the healing of degenerative disorders. When ghee is processed with warm, sharp herbsit is healing for obstructive disorders.  

Ghee pacifies vata due to snigdha guna (unctuous quality), pitta due to madhura guna (sweet quality) and sita guna (cold quality). It also strengthens shukra (reproductive organs) and ojas (life force)[Ca. Ni. 1/39]   

When To Use Ghritams 

People with vata-pitta constitution, vata-pitta disorders, loss of eyesight, debilitation, recovering from illness, elderly, children, women, and people desiring long healthy life, good strength, complexion, voice, nourishment, healthy children, good vitality, memory, intelligence, digestive strength, and strong sense organs should take ghritam, as well those suffering from burns, injuries or adverse reactions to bug bites, plants or foods. [Ca. Su. 13/41-43] 

When Not To Use Ghritams

If you have not undergone purification process, such as panchakarma, it is best to not take ghritam, as it won’t be as helpful. You should also not take a ghritam if you are overweight and/or kapha is excessiveVomiting, diarrhea, frequent indigestion, excessive thirst, fainting spells, pregnancychronic dry throat and aversion to food and nausea are also contraindications.  

Also avoid ghritam if: you have a thick tongue coating from toxin buildup in the stomach; if you have been exposed to poison or if you are weak or exhausted, drinking alcohol or during Ayurvedic nasya or basti therapy.   

Internal oleation using ghritam in the above situations may cause your condition to become worse. [Ca. Su. 13/53-56]  


Available Ghritams

Indukanta Ghritam The main herb Dasamula balances both pitta and vata dosha, supports healthy digestion, lowers acidity, boosts digestive fire and immunity. 
Kalyanaka Ghritam Kalyanaka balances mainly vata and pitta dosha, supports the nervous system, energy, nourishes muscles, bones, and nerves and improves mood and feeling of well being.
Guggulutiktaka Ghritam The main herb guggulu balances all three doshas, removes ama from blood, liver and skin, and supports healthy skin. 
Jatyadi Ghritam The main herb is jasmine leaf which balances pitta dosha, and supports the healing of wounds and cuts.
Triphala Ghritam The main herb is triphala which balances both kapha and pitta dosha, supports healthy eyes by removing excess heat and nourishing the muscles and eyesight. 
Nirgundyadi Ghritam The main herb is nirgundi which balances both kapha and vata dosha, supports respiratory health by calming nasal congestion.
Phalasarpis Ghritam The herbs in this formula are in equal quantity and help balance vata dosha, supports both male and female reproductive organs and fertility.
Brahmi Ghritam The main herb Brahmi balances vata dosha, supports brain and nerve health, improves focus and concentration, and sound sleep.  
Mahakalyanaka Ghritam This is more potent than Kalyanaka ghritam and balances both vata and pitta dosha, supports the nervous system, energy, and nourishes muscles, bones, and nerves.
Mahatiktaka Ghritam This formula is a combination of bitter herbs that help balance pitta dosha, remove ama and acid from the blood, liver, gut and skin, and supports healthy skin and complexion.
Varanadi Ghritam The main herb varuna balances both kapha and vata dosha, supports healthy kidneys and urinary system, removes excess kapha, and supports digestion. 
Vidaryadi Ghritam The main herb is Vidari kanda which balances vata dosha, supports respiratory health, nourishes all body tissues, and supports healthy weight gain.
Saraswata Ghritam The main herb Brahmi balances vata dosha, supports healthy brain and nerve function, concentration and energy.
Sukumara Ghritam The main herbs are Dasamula and Purnarnava which balances vata dosha, supports and nourishes the female reproductive system and hormones. 
Sukhaprasavada Ghritam The main herb upodika balances vata dosha, helps muscle relaxation during birth and supports the pelvic girdle and organs.
Suranadi Ghritam The main herb Surana balances vata dosha, removes ama from the stomach and gut and supports digestive fire and agni. 
Mahatriphala Ghritam This formula is more potent than Triphala ghritam, The main herb is triphala which balances both kapha and pitta dosha, supports healthy eyes by removing excess heat and nourishing the muscles and eyesight. 
Shatavaryadi Ghritam The main herb Shatavari balances both vata and pitta dosha, supports the urinary system and nourishes kidney health. 
Dadimadi Ghritam The main herb is dadima (pomegranate) which balances vata dosha, helps improve appetite, indigestion, and promotes colon health.   



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