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by Kottakkal Support January 12, 2020

Gulikas and vatikas are produced by grinding the raw materials into a fine paste, they are then formed into pills or tablets. Some gulikas and vatikas are available in pill form and packaged as 100 loose pills per container, and others are in tablet form and packaged as 100 tablets in a 10x10 blister pack.

Pills for internal use may be mixed with lukewarm water or any other prescribed liquid substance as directed by an Ayurvedic Doctor. For the highest efficacy, they are best before three years from the date of manufacturing. Some gulikas and vatikas contain bhasmas which extends the best before date to five years from the date of manufacturing.


Popular Gulikas and Vatikas


  • Agnikumararasam Gulika(tablets) – useful for gastritis, strengthen digestion, indigestion, infectious fever, rhinitis, myalgia, polyarthritis.
  • Chandraprabha Vatika(tablets) – useful aphrodisiac, antimicrobial, antiaging, constipation, eczema, eye infection, eczema, urinary tract infections, respiratory diseases, difficulty urinating, urinary calculi, dermatitis, liver and spleen disorders.
  • Dhanwantaram Gulika(tablets) - useful in asthma, dyspnea, hiccough, cough.
  • Hingwadi Gulika(pills) – useful for dyspepsia, loss of appetite and all digestive disorders.
  • Kaisora Guggulu Vatika(tablets) – useful for healthy joints, blood detoxifier, skin disorders with secretions, fever, abdominal bloating, gaseous distention, gulma, gout, improves strength and immunity, antiaging, urinary disorders and diabetes.     
  • Kanchanara Guggulu(tablets) – Useful for goiter (nodules of the neck), tumors and extra growths, useful in herbal wound healing, skin diseases, sinuses, and fistula.
  • Karutta Gulika(pills) – useful when applied to the forehead with castor for severe headache caused by excessive heat or overwork.
  • Krimighna Vatika(pills) – useful for parasite infestation.
  • Mahadhanwantaram Gulika(tablets) - also known as Garbharakshini, useful for pregnancy to prevent abortion and other troubles connected with it, produces safe delivery in natural time. It has an effect on vata disorders like difficulty breathing, cough, spasm, etc.
  • Manasamitra Vatakam(tablets) – useful for psychiatric conditions, speech problems. Balances all three dosas, especially pitta. There are many scientific articles written on this herbal remedy to prove its efficacy as a neuroprotective medicine. These tablets can improve brain function, memory, and concentration in children and in people with diseases like autism, depression, manic symptoms, and schizophrenia.
  • Nirgundyadi Gulika(pills) – useful for convulsion, cough, fever, etc. of children.
  • Sukhabedi Gulika(pills) – useful laxative, to be taken at bedtime with warm water.
  • Valiya Marma Gulika(pills) – useful for disorders of the heart, brain and urinary system. Balances all three dosas, anti-inflammatory, injuries/complications caused by trauma, urinary bladder dysfunction, and enlarged prostate.
  • Vilwadi Gulika(pills) – useful for diarrhea, indigestion, vomiting, mild fever, dyspepsia, poison, increases appetite, and malabsorption syndrome.
  • Yogaraja Guggulu Vatika (tablets) – useful for anti-aging, analgesic, carminative, anti-inflammatory, increases digestion, strength, and immunity, vata related imbalances that affecting the bones, joints and marrow, bloating, infected wounds, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, splenomegaly, abdominal tumors, and worm infestation. 

    Kottakkal Support
    Kottakkal Support


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    by Kottakkal Support January 05, 2020

    Kwathams are Kshayams in tablet form. Both offer the same efficacy, and each Kwatham tablet is equivalent to 5 ml of Kashayam. The manufacturer Arya Vaidya Sala (AVS) introduced Kwathams to the market using a highly specialized process. The special process eliminates the need for the additives used on Kashayams to extend their shelf life. Kwathams are devoid of additives and the acidic nature caused by additives.

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    by Kottakkal Support December 29, 2019

    Managing chronic pain is the number one reason many people visit a medical doctor. Often times the pain is chronic and medical doctors will offer drugs, surgery, and/or physical therapy. A common reality for many people is the pain does not go away and interferes with their daily activities.

    AYURVEDA has many classic herbal formulas that offer effective relief from all types of pain, inflammation, swelling, and reduced mobility. Classical herbal formulas target many conditions and work best when taken internally and applied externally.

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    by Kottakkal Support December 14, 2019

    Arishtams are herbal formulas fermented with jaggery, sugar, or honey. The fermentation generates 5 – 10% alcohol, which acts as a medium for extracting deeper qualities from the herbs. They are a perfect choice for winter as they warm digestion and provide many healing benefits.       

    • Pleasant tasting due to sugar content
    • Improves digestion
    • Aids elimination of ama (toxins)
    • Increases the absorption of nutrients

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