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by Kottakkal Support January 05, 2020

Kwathams are Kashayams in Tablet Form

Both offer the same efficacy, each Kwatham tablet is equivalent to 5 ml of Kashayam. The manufacturer Arya Vaidya Sala (AVS) introduced Kwathams to the market using a highly specialized process. The special process eliminates the need for the additives used on Kashayams to extend their shelf life. Kwathams are devoid of additives and the acidic nature caused by additives.

We, therefore, recommend to our valued customers to consume Kwathams tablets instead of liquid Kashayam. There are more advantages to Kwatham tablets as they are easy to carry and require no measuring. The convenience of tablets makes it much easier to take regularly as required.  


  • Aragwadhadi Kwatham - useful in kapha related disorder, fever, blood sugar imbalance, skin lesions, and itching.
  • Ashtavargam Kwatham – useful in joint stiffness, immune system, and blood circulation.   
  • Balaguluchyadi Kwatham – useful as a powerful immune-modulator and anti-inflammatory.
  • Balajirakadi Kwatham - useful in respiratory congestion, cough, and colds.
  • Bhadradi Kwatham (Garbharaksha Kwatham) – very useful for the amelioration of complaints generally reported during pregnancy such as dyspepsia, acidity, constipation, etc.
  • Dasamulakatutrayadi Kwatham – useful in colds, flu, respiratory congestion.
  • Dhanwantaram Kwatham – useful for inflammation, pregnancy, and complaints after delivery.
  • Drakshadi Kwatham – useful in jaundice, anemia, influenza, and vomiting.
  • Dusparsakadi Kwatham – useful in piles, digestive inflammation, and diarrhea.
  • Guggulutiktam Kwatham – useful in inflammation, helps digestion and is a blood purifier.
  • Guluchyadi Kwatham – effective in kapha and vata disorders, burning sensation, thirst, fever and vomiting.
  • Indukantam Kwatham –to be used in indigestion, chronic fevers, stomach-ache, etc.
  • Katakakhadiradi Kwatham – useful for all three dosas, sugar imbalance, and associated complications. 
  • Maha Rasnadi Kwatham – useful for three dosas, inflammation, and pain. 
  • Mahatiktam Kwatham – useful for eczema, fistula, chronic ulcers, anemia, burning of the stomach and all problems caused by excessive heat due to pitta.
  • Manjishthadi Kwatham – useful in skin disorders, abscess, wounds, sinuses, ulcers, and problems due to toxicity of the blood.
  • Nimbamritadi Panchatiktam Kwatham – useful in inflammation associated with joint pain, scabies, etc. A well-known supplement for skin problems and other problems caused by the impurity of blood.  
  • Patolakaturohinyadi Kwatham - useful in eczema, psoriasis, allergic skin rash, liver problems, vomiting and problems due to toxicity.
  • Prasaranyadi Kwatham - useful for pain and inflammation in the joints and musculoskeletal.
  • Punarnavadi kwatham – useful for anemia associated with edema, fever, cough, dyspnea.
  • Rasnairandadi Kwatham – useful for backache, low back pain, pain in flanks and locked jaw.
  • Sahacharadi Kwatham – useful for inflammation and in restriction of movements.
  • Saptasaram Kwatham – useful for gulma (especially in females), low back pain, painful periods. It improves digestive power.  
  • Sitajvarari Kwatham – useful in flu and malarial fever.
  • Sukumaram Kwatham - useful in female disorders, hernia, tumor, gaseous mass, hemorrhoids, edema, joint pain, systemic disorders of spleen, liver, and kidney, constipation and general debility in women.
  • Tiktakam Kwatham- useful for skin inflammation, anemia, non-healing ulcers, thyroid dysfunction, inflamed bowel, anxiety, mental stress, leukoderma, liver problems, leucorrhoea, and seizure disorders.
  • Varanadi Kwatham- useful in obesity, headache, tumors, chronic joint inflammation, and indigestion.
  • Vidaryadi Kwatham- useful in phthisis, bronchitis, emaciation, spasmodic dyspepsia and all vata and pitta problems.

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    Kottakkal Support


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