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Gandharvahastadi Oil

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Gandharvahastadi Oil balances vata dosha, the main herb is castor and is useful for many vata disorders and helps the elimination of ama and stool.

Other names: Gandarvahastadi Tailam


5 – 10 drops once or twice a day before food. When being used for Virechana, it is given in higher doses.

Common Product Combinations

  • Gandarvahastadi Tailam is used along with Acidact to relieve bloating, gastritis and constipation. 
  • Gandarvahastadi Tailam is combined with Dhanwantaram Gulika to improve digestion.

Duration of Use

It can be used for a long period of time on a daily basis. Discuss with an experienced practitioner.

Side Effects

Over dosage may cause diarrhea.

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