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Why Products Have Different Names

Why Products Have Different Names

by Kottakkal Support November 25, 2020

Our customers sometimes face difficulties searching for products because of the different ways products can be spelled. For example, AVS uses Dasamula but this same product is often spelled Dasamoola. Similarly, Jeerakady is also Jirakady. To make finding products on our site easier, we have created the table below. 

Another important thing to note is AVS product names that end with a ‘M’ such as Arishtam, Bhasmam, Churnam, Ghritam, Kashayam, Kwatham, Leham, etc., also add the letter ‘h’ to the letter ‘t’. 

Kottakkal USA Other Names
Abhaya Arishtam Abhayarishtam, Abhay Arishta
Arjuna Arishtam Arjunarishta, Parthadyarishta
Ashoka Arishtam, Ashok Arishta, Asokarishtam
Ashwagandha Arishtam Ashwagandha Arishta
Dasamula Arishtam Dasamularistham,
Dasamool Arishta
Jiraka Arishtam Jirakadyarishtam,
Jeerakady Arishta
Dhanwantara Arishtam Dhanwantararishtam,
Dhanwantara Arishta
Saraswata Arishtam Saraswath Arishta,
Abram Bhasma Abrabhasmam
Sankha Bhasmam Sankha Bhasma,
Churnam Churna
Ghritam Ghee
Gulika (round pills) Goli, tablet
Kashayam (liquid) Kashaya, Kasayam, Kadha
Kwatham (tablet) Kwath, Kadha
Indukantam Kashayam Indukantham Kashayam
Leham Lehyam
Chyavanaprasam Chyawanaprash
Tailam ( oils ) Taila

Kottakkal Support
Kottakkal Support


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