Supporting Healthy Vata Dosha

Supporting Healthy Vata Dosha

By Vaidya Vishwanath August 17, 2022


Vata dosha is a life force created by the elements of air and space (also called ether) and is often said to be the same energy as the wind. It is the main driver of all bodily movement and function. Without the energy of vata dosha there would be no movement, and therefore there would be no life.

Every moment of our lives, vata dosha constantly moves out of balance because of four things:

  • Eating the wrong diet
  • Following the wrong lifestyle
  • Excess emotional stress
  • Adverse climate

Vata dosha is constantly changing and moving toward imbalance. If we do not follow a proper diet and lifestyle, practice emotional stress relief and adjust to climatic changes, then vata will always increase. This is the root cause of many vata related symptoms like gas, bloating, constipation, coughing, body pain, insomnia and female reproductive disorders.

Supplements that Support Healthy Digestion

  • Brihat Vaiswanara Churnam balances both vata and kapha dosha and helps support agni, remove ama and is an effective vata anulomana. By reducing excess wind energy, it helps support vata joint pain and inflammation.
  • Shaddharana Churnam balances vata and kapha dosha and supports the removal of ama from the liver and digestive system and is an effective vata anulomana. By reducing excess vata wind energy, it helps support back pain and inflammation.
  • Hingwadi Gulika balances vata dosha, supports agni and digestive strength, reduces gas, bloating, pain, and heaviness.

Supplements that Support Healthy Breathing

  • Dasamula Kashayam balances both vata and kapha dosha and helps to reduce congestion in the respiratory system. The main herb dasamula is an effective anti-inflammatory, analgesic and tonic for supporting bones, joints, muscles and nerves.

Supplements that Support Healthy Movement

  • Dhanwantharam Kwatham Tablet balances vata and pitta dosha, helps support and nourish healthy bones, joints, muscles and nerves, especially for back disorders.
  • Vidaryadi Ghritam balances both vata and kapha dosha, nourishes and supports muscle and nerve strength.
  • Prasaranyadi Kwatham Tablet balances both vata and kapha dosha, helps support and nourish the neck and shoulder bones, joints, muscles and nerves. This product contains anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.
  • Valiya Prasarani Oil balances both vata and kapha dosha, helps support and nourish the neck and shoulder bones, joints, muscles and nerves. This product contains anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

Supplements that Support Sound Sleep and Calm Mind

  • Saraswata Churnam balances vata dosha and helps support the nervous system, memory, concentration, sleep and calms the mind.

Supplements that Support Healthy Female Reproductive System

  • Sukhaprasavada Ghritam balances vata dosha, nourishes the nerves, muscles, and bones of the pelvic girdle, supports normal delivery of baby, and helps balance female hormones.

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Vaidya Vishwanath grew up in Pune, India which is hub of traditional Ayurvedic gurukul teachings, following the principles of Ayurveda as part of his culture. He has dedicated his career over the past 1 ½ decades to the science of Ayurveda.

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