Relieving Constipation Naturally

Led by Vishwanath Guddadar, BAMS, MD (Ayurveda)

Vishwanath Guddadar, BAMS, MD (Ayurveda) is an expert in the field of Ayurvedic medicine and offers years of clinical experience guiding people to reduce all types of chronic illnesses by an unhealthy diet and lifestyle. He will teach you how foods, herbs and lifestyle modifications can change how you feel.

Sunday, April 9th 2023 // 11am - 2:00pm EST // $75.00

Do you experience fewer than three bowel movements per week? Does this make you feel concerned for your health? Would you like a natural approach to relieving chronic constipation? This workshop is designed to discover the root cause and provide you with knowledge and tools to reverse chronic constipation.

Common Symptoms of Constipation

  • Difficulty passing stool
  • Hard and dry stools
  • Abdominal pain
  • Less than three bowel per week
  • Painful elimination

Ayurveda identifies chronic constipation as a vata imbalance where the natural downward flow of the digestive system becomes blocked and starts to move in the opposite direction. This greatly impairs your body’s natural elimination process and creates toxins.

By modifying your diet and lifestyle choices, chronic constipation can be reversed. This workshop is interactive and will help you understand what causes your constipation and what you can do to naturally support healthy elimination for greater health.

This Workshop is Informative and Interactive!

Activity 1: Dosha quiz – Learn your Ayurvedic mind-body type? vata-pitta-kapha.

Activity 2: Quiz - Learn which eating habits cause your constipation.

Activity 3: Quiz - Identify which foods are causing your constipation.

Activity 4: Quiz - Learn which lifestyle habits increase constipation.

Q & A: Vaidya Vishwanath will answer all your questions.

Ayurvedic Health Plan includes diet and lifestyle modifications, herbs, yoga, breathing exercises, meal plans, recipes for everyday cooking, and juicing.

35 Page Workshop Guide includes recipes for meals, juicing and teas.

Ongoing support: Post workshop 20 minute consultation.

Product discount: 15% off Kottakkal products for constipation.

Relieving Constipation Naturally

When is the workshop? Sunday, April 9th 2023 // 11:00am – 2:00 pm ET // 8:00am – 11:00am PT

What is the cost? $75.00

*limited to 10 people

What is required? This is an online workshop. You need to join using Zoom's software, either directly with your browser or using their client that you can download here.