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Kottamchukkadi Oil

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Other names: Kottamchukkadi Tailam

Kottamchukkadi Oil is an Ayurvedic oil used to support the treatment of Vata disorders that cause neuromuscular pains, sciatica and spondylosis. This herbal oil helps to relieve pain and inflammation. It is used in cases of arthritis, sciatica, myalgia and spondylosis.






Every 10 ml is prepared from:

Tailam Sesamum indicum 7.500 ml

Sarshapatailam Brassica juncea 1.250 ml

Nimbatailam Azadirachta indica 1.250 ml

Chinchapatra Tamarindus indica 40.000 g

Kottam Saussurea costus 0.065 g

Chukku Zingiber officianale 0.065 g

Vayampu Acorus calamus 0.065 g

Sigru Moringa oleifera 0.065 g

Lasunam Allium sativum 0.065 g

Karttotti Hugonia mystax 0.065 g

Devadrumam Cedrus deodara 0.065 g

Siddhartha Brassica juncea 0.065 g

Suvaha Alpinia galanga 0.065 g

Dadhi Curd 10.000 ml


It is used for external application only

Common Product Combinations

  • Kottamchukkadi is used along with Rhukot Tablets, Yogaraja Guggulu Tablets and Maharasnadi Kashayam to relieve pain and inflammation.

Duration of Use

It can be used for a long period of time on a daily basis. Discuss with an experienced practitioner.

Side Effects

There are no known side effects associated with this product.  

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