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Organic Raw Jackfruit

Jackfruit also is known as Panasa, grows naturally throughout South India and the rainforests of Southeast Asia. Its fruit is the largest of all fruit trees, growing 2 - 3 ft in length and weighing up to 120 lbs. The taste resembles a combination of apple, pineapple, mango, and banana, with a scent of honey.

Unripe Jackfruit is used as a vegetable and very much liked in various preparations. It is not sweet but enjoyable in taste.

When Jackfruit is fully ripe it has a sweet and slightly astringent rasa (taste), cold vīrya (cools the body), and sweet vipāka (nourishes the body). Its qualities are cold, heavy, and slimy and benefit vata and pitta during the warmer season and aggravate kapha. It’s a rich source of vitamin C, B, and Potassium.

Ayurvedic Uses:

• Offers nourishment and strength, helps emaciation and fatigue

• Aphrodisiac increases sperm count

• Useful for gastritis and diarrhea, slows digestion

• Useful for burning sensation associated with neuralgia

• Controls bleeding, nasal, heavy menstrual or injury

The easiest way to prepare jackfruit is to eat it fresh. For therapeutic benefit, it’s best to have it for breakfast. Jackfruit is versatile and there are many recipes for curry, dhal, chutney, raita, and much more.

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