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by Kottakkal Support February 22, 2020

If you're planning for a new baby or recently had one, the postpartum time is incredibly important to your own well-being as well as your ability to care for your child.

Proper postpartum care is a critical step for all new mothers, as it sets the stage for lifetime health and well-being. During this time, a woman’s body is adjusting to multiple physical, social, and psychological changes as she begins to recover from childbirth while feeding and caring for her newborn.  

Although this is a great time for joy and excitement, the weeks following childbirth present many challenges. A lack of sleep, physical and mental fatigue, body pain, and breastfeeding difficulties become may become overwhelming.  

Many new mothers forego personal self-care to keep up with everything else. Ayurveda has long appreciated the importance of supporting mothers during this, particularly vulnerable time.   


Support for Postpartum Care



  • Panchakola Churnam – supports low appetite, bloating, indigestion.  
  • Jiraka Arishtam – helps with postnatal care, chronic bronchitis, hiccough, and consumption.  
  • Abhaya Arishtam – used for hemorrhoids, bloating, constipation, difficulty in urinating.

Mother’s Massage: 

  • Dhanwantaram Oil - supports pre/postnatal care, neuromuscular and skeletal pain of vata origin. 
  • Eladi Sesame Skin Oil - improves complexion, allergic pruritis, balances vata, and kapha.
  • Kshirabala Oil - used for neuromuscular pain and inflammation, balances vata and pitta.
  • Maha Bala Oil - supports postpartum care, improves strength and fertility.

Baby’s Massage:

Strength and Vitality:

  • Chyavanaprasam – supports immunity, urinary disorders, memory, anxiety, menstruation, and fertility. 
  • Dasamula Arishtam – used as a general health tonic, supports post-delivery care of new mothers. 
  • Dhanwantaram Kwatham – used during pregnancy and postpartum.  
Doses of all Arishtams: 15-25 ml before or after meals twice daily or in repeated doses


Kottakkal Support
Kottakkal Support


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