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by Kottakkal Support March 27, 2020

Why is digestive health so important?

Strong digestive health is key to maintaining immunity and resiliency to disease. When digestion is weak, we experience symptoms of low appetite, gas, bloating, indigestion, constipation, and diarrhea. These symptoms are your signal that digestion is weak. This increases your risk for all kinds of diseases and premature aging.
During early Spring, kapha is dominant and it’s the time to lighten things up. It's the time for foods that easily digest like soup broths, spring vegetables, grains, and legumes that are well spiced. Avoid foods that are congesting like cheese, cold yogurt, bakery sweets, packaged foods and foods available out of season. If possible, eat only when feeling hungry and eat slightly less than normal.  

Sipping hot water is the most beneficial thing you can do to improve digestive strength and eliminate ama. Ama is a buildup of improperly digested food particles that accumulate in the stomach. Most fevers originate in the stomach from poorly digested food and sipping hot water helps ama dissipate and clear the stomach of impurities.


It is advised that vigilant customers read the rules of naturopathy treatment pertaining to taking food items, combination, and timings.


Heat: Herbal teas and warm cooked meals.
Spices: Cooking with ginger and black pepper increases digestion and helps reduce ama. Turmeric, Cumin, Cinnamon, Cayenne Pepper are useful too. 



  • Ashta Churnam – useful for abdominal colic, indigestion, mal-absorption syndrome.
  • Avipathi Churnam – a safe purgative in bilious diseases and habitual constipation.
  • Panchakola Churnam – very useful for indigestion, diarrhea, etc.
  • Triphaladi Churnam - a powerful source of antioxidants, cleanses and tones the digestive system. Improves eyesight, skin and taste sensation.
  • Acidact tablet - improves digestion, corrects abdominal discomfort and constipation, etc.
  • Hingwadi Gulika - very useful for loss of appetite, all digestive disorders, and dyspepsia.
  • Sukhabhedi Gulika - good laxative, take 1 or 2 pills at bedtime with one cup of warm water.
  • Abhaya Arishtam – useful for indigestion, constipation, and hemorrhoids.
  • Draksha Arishtam – useful for constipation, anemia, breathlessness, fatigue, and dyspepsia.
  • Musta Arishtam - useful for dyspepsia, dysentery, increases digestion, regulates bowels and promotes perfect health with continued administration.
  • Pippalya Asavam - useful for indigestion, anorexia, anemia and mal-absorption syndrome.
  • Chiruvilvadi Kashayam - useful for indigestion, gas, bloating, etc.
  • Suranadi Ghritam - useful for indigestion, hemorrhoid, etc.



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