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by Kottakkal Support May 31, 2020

Coping with Mental and Physical Stress

 More so now, we need to check in with ourselves to make sure our mental and physical health is intact and we are resistant to the extra stress in our lives. Whether you find yourself busier than usual or far less busy due to the ongoing pandemic, life has become more challenging. 

Jean Twenge of San Diego State University has carried out a survey. This study shows A staggering effect of coronavirus pandemic on America's mental health - 

The 2020 participants were eight times as likely to screen positive for serious mental illness 

28%, compared to 3.4% in the 2018 survey. The vast majority of the 2020 participants, 70%, met the criteria for moderate to serious mental illness, compared with 22% in 2018. Clearly, the pandemic has had a devastating effect on mental health.

We know if we eat, sleep, and exercise regularly, our health dramatically improves. What should we do when stress is endured for long periods? Will our mental and physical wellbeing gradually dwindle and we become less able to cope? These are essential questions to ask yourself. 


How Is Stress Affecting Us?


We know if we eat, sleep, and exercise regularly, our health dramatically improves. What should we do when stress is endured for long periods? Does our mental and physical wellbeing gradually diminish and we are less able to cope? When stress is high it's important to ask yourself these essential questions. 


  1. Are you sleeping well? Do you feel rested? 
  2. Do you feel your hunger? Are you eating at the right times and the right amount? 
  3. Do you feel nourished after your meals?  
  4. Do you feel anxious? Or having difficulty remembering simple things? 
  5. Does your body feel achy, stiff, numb, or weak? 


How Well You Cope with Stress is Reflected in How You Feel


Long term stress will cause any number of symptoms but most importantly it changes our normal bodily function. For instance, decreased sleep, hunger or memory, and/or increased hunger, indigestion, or body aches.

Knowing the signals your body gives you is key to managing stress. The first steps require nourishing foods, regular sleep, and exercise. The second step is herbal products designed to help us cope with the high stress they allow us to feel better faster.   


Kottakkal Products to address Mental and Physical Stress  

Narasimha Rasayana
(Leham) - useful as Chyavanaprasam, improves physical strength, healthy weight gain, hair growth, and overall rejuvenation of the body. Balances all three dosas.
(Leham) – supports general debility in women, gynecological, urinary, and liver disorders. Gulam is Jaggery and this product is primarily Jaggery, Ghee, and Shatavari.  
Indukanta Ghritam -- useful in various debilitating disorders, supports abdominal pain, chronic fever, bloating, physical weakness, and fatigue. Balances vata and pitta.
Kalyanaka Ghritam - useful in poor concentration, mental disorders, lack of brainpower, inflammation, jaundice, and fever.
Maha Kalyanka Ghritam offers enhanced efficacy compared to Kalyanaka Ghritam. 
Ashwagandha Arishtam - useful for mental stress, physical stamina, vitality, vata neurological conditions, headache, and autoimmune hypothyroid. Improves digestive power, low immunity, sexual libido, male and female fertility.  
Draksha Arishtam - useful in general debility, anxiety, and insomnia- reduces mental stress.

Drakshadi Kwathamuseful for chronic fever, alcoholism, sour belching, vertigo, burning sensation, general debility, liver disorders, anxiety, and insomnia - reduces mental stress.

Kottakkal Support
Kottakkal Support


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